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ESG PORTAL Benefit LLC, the first international digital platform entirely dedicated to sustainable development, born from a synthesis of professional and experiences in the entrepreneurial, academic, legal, economic-financial worlds, arising from the need to provide businesses with the best way of declaring their objectives and results in the ESG field in a standard format, striving for continuous improvement and clear and transparent communication.

(AM ADVISOR SRL UNIPERSONALE holds a 15% share in the company)

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Global Wealth Planning S.r.l. Independent Multi Evolved Family Office sets out to ensure, through the offer of a wide range of highly specialized, closely coordinated services, the dynamic management of significant Family, Corporate and institutional assets.

(AM ADVISOR SRL UNIPERSONALE, holds a 10% share in the company)


Copefin Srl is a credit brokerage company (OAM No. M425) that offers individuals, businesses and institutions consultancy services for obtaining access to credit through traditional banking services and the alternative and innovative Fintech channel, assisting and supporting private and entrepreneurial development through highly customized financial solutions.

(AM ADVISOR SRL UNIPERSONALE, holds a 5% share in the company)

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