Rome, 10 January (Adnkronos) – AM Advisor enters the share capital of ESG Portal. In the final days of 2021 the strategic consulting company AM Advisor, based in Rome, completed the purchase of a stake in the share capital of ESG Portal, a “Benefit” company and innovative startup, which has devised a “statement” protocol and template to measure the adequacy of businesses in terms of meeting ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) criteria and their level of compliance by assigning an ESG rating. Alessandro Toschi, CEO of AM Advisor, joined the ESG Portal Board of Directors as Commercial Director, with special powers for business development and finance.

ESG Portal is the first digital platform that allows companies to “declare” their sustainable development in a transparent and standardized manner, and to communicate their commitment in the environmental, social and governance spheres through the ESG Portal Sustainability Statement. Using a questionnaire based on international standards, the portal allows businesses to highlight and showcase their environmental, social and governance sustainability policies, and to obtain an ESG compliance rating.

AM Advisor’s CEO stated: “Business, economic and financial sustainability, and consequently ESG criteria, will be key issues in 2022 and in the years to come. In order to be protagonists in this emerging sector and increase our strategic consulting activity aimed at businesses, we have singled out a startup that has great potential, and decided to share with it a development strategy”.

Mr Toschi added: “For small, medium and large enterprises, adopting ESG policies will be increasingly essential for their medium- to long-term plans. The question that the ESG revolution poses to us is this: how to rethink business activities in a medium/long-term rather than short-term scenario. ESG Portal has developed a statement template and an innovative technological platform that examines the many aspects of compliance by analyzing all the data and activities that affect environmental sustainability, without neglecting social and governance aspects. Its mission is based on the concept of ‘sharing ESG policies’, with the aim of becoming a showcase for corporate sustainability that can be duplicated at any level”.

(Mcc/Adnkronos) 10-JAN-22 14:09

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