AM ADVISOR believes in the benefits of integrating environmental, social and governance factors in a company’s investment and planning decision-making process. The ESG analysis concept is fast becoming an integral part of consultancy research activity. AM ADVISOR believes that the rigorous application of ESG criteria is not only consistent with correct sustainable and ethical development, it also brings about higher returns and profits.
Companies are more likely to succeed and deliver high returns if they create value for all their stakeholders – employees, clients, suppliers and society in general, as well as the environment – and not only for company owners. The analysis of ESG policy therefore looks at how businesses can help society, and how this might affect current and future performance.

By actively participating as members of ESG Portal, we help businesses to:

Enhance their image

Operating in compliance with ESG policies improves the valuation of the business, in the eyes of both potential consumers/clients and potential investors.

Growing over time

Positive actions and transparency concerning ESG topics can help the business to maintain its valuation in the long run.

Developing in the future

ESG practices are part of a long-term strategy. Every business needs investors to support the management’s vision and plans for the future.

Corporate, Banking & Finance

AM ADVISOR offers clients advisory and customized financial strategies services based on their specific needs. It also provides assistance with extraordinary funding operations, examining the various alternatives available on the market and suggesting the solution that best suits the business’s particular needs.
We want to help our clients grow in accordance with the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility, enhancing their brand image and reputation, and raising loyalty both inside and outside the business: employees and customers.

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